REST Services (API)

Hi Guys.

We use the REST services to obtain values of the Mimosa links and then,
depending on the MAC capacity of the link, take decitions about traffic engineering

We are not able to obtaine the MAC layer TX and RX values, and if we want to apply the calculation formula from the PHY TX and RX values we are lack of the TDMA and Split Gender values.

to sum up we would like to obtain via API the following data that is missing today

Gender - Traffic Split

Also it would be nice to have access to the Permomance tab data for real time TX/RX traffic

So tell us if this is possible in short term

Best regards.

PD: I will make a new post tomorrow about we being stuck in MCS 7 rate regardless good SNR and EVM values in a 56Km link

Hi @Luis,

Let me forward this along and see if I can get an answer for you.

Hi @DustinS

Any news about the REST API? We are building our own monitor service with C#, Elasticsearch and Kibana.
It would be great if we could get more info from the API.

Best regards

Something like this is being worked on. Stay tuned for more info!

Any news about REST services???

Nothing that I can talk about yet. We’ve been extremely focused on firmware version 2.5.0 (coming soon!) for A5/A5c, C5/C5c/C5x, B24

Hi, exist REST service on A5c? or any way to get info about list of client ?

2.5.0 has something, but I don’t know if it will have exactly what you are waiting for.
Here is the link:
and this is what I found.

NMS Event Notification REST API

A REST API to Mimosa Cloud is being made available for customers to retrieve and integrate real-time Mimosa device events into their network management system. This feature requires custom certificates and professional services integration with Mimosa. Please contact your Mimosa sales representative for pricing and availability.