Restrictions on Using Certain Frequencies in the 5 GHz Range - B5 Lite


I’m trying to unlock the frequency restriction on my B5 Lite back-haul, this link will be deployed in area where there’s no frequency restrictions in the 5 GHz range. Please advise.

Hello Mohamed,

Which country are you in and in which country will you be deploying the device? Accessing the full 4.9 GHz to 6.0 GHz range in the B5-Lite is achieved by using licensed mode, but this is not available in every country. Follow these instructions to add licensed mode if available.

As an added bonus, our upcoming 1.3 firmware release will open all the way up to 6.2 GHz.


If I would like to use B5-Lite into USA Licensed mode, what should be the exactly steps to go through?

I have followed all steps, but the spectrum is always locked.

Hi Massimiliano,

This is the process for applying Licensed unlock codes for any country:

The US Licensed code only opens 4.9 GHz, and only if you select 20 MHz channel(s).