RSSI Dropping on 1 chain

Any idea why I am having this drop on my RSSI?

How to fix it?

Thank you

I would try out Mimosa Support (bottom right “Chat with us” Button).

The signal drop is really regular so either you are next to a train station (or something of the like) or there may be a hardware problem.

What does the other side of the link look like? (Is there similar drops in signal strength?)

Have you tried throwing in a different C5c and see what happens?

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I’ve seen this before. One of the support guys worked a case just like this. It could be that you are indeed the customer we’ve worked with before.

This has all of the signs of being interference on that side of the link. As you can see, this happens at regular intervals and it happens consistently. I would suggest trying a different channel, if you have a clean one available to you.

Otherwise I would follow William’s advice and visit with Mimosa support, if you haven’t already.

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Thanks guys.

The mcs rates are normalized now.

I think I had that kind of graph for 5hrs after changing the freq.

Ill of observe later if it happens again on those times.