Sales Teams and Distributors


Looking through the site, I see there is very little in sales as a Mimosa team.
Does everything go through the Distributors?

Best regards,
Rick Villa

Mimosa doesn’t sell directly to customers, but they do have a sales team and may have some sort of program for the big guys.

That said, I probably know their product line as well as anyone outside of their company. So if you have specific questions I would be more then happy to help.

I have found their contact page to be a pretty decent resource and they can get you in contact with someone more in tune with what you are looking for.

@DustinS or @Jaime could comment more about who to talk to as well.

Hi @Rick6,

If you want, you can email me directly at and let me know what you need or are looking for. I can definitely put you in contact with the correct folks.


Thanks for the quick reply, I will reach out to for some sales questions we may have. Please accept my apology for the super late reply, it has been a busy day for some reason.

Best regards,

Rick Villa


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me.

I will get back to you for help on sales questions.

Best regards,

Rick Villa