Scheduled Release 1.3.0

Is there a revised timeline and feature set for the next firmware release 1.3.x?

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Hi Alan, we’re still applying some finishing touches to firmware version 1.3.0. It contains many remarkable improvements and is performing quite well in our outdoor testing. Please look for an announcement later this month with regard to the release timeline and content.

Great to hear, one question… does this mean you guys aren’t releasing your roadmaps anymore? I noticed the backhaul roadmap hasn’t been updated since 1.2.3 and that was more a changelog than a roadmap as far as i know… I really miss seeing the planned features coming to the platform in the upcoming releases, so we knew atleast for the longterm what to look forward to

Great question. We are still committed to transparency with the firmware roadmap and will endeavor to publish it sooner going forward. The 1.3 release branch contains several big ticket items including support for B11, so there is a lot going on behind the scenes this time around. As a result of that effort, some impressive advancements were made that benefit our other Backhaul products in a big way. We can also look forward to seeing some features requested here by community members not too long ago, so keep those suggestions coming!

The 1.3.0 firmware roadmap has been updated with planned features and fixes:

A beta version will be available soon for wider distribution. I’ll leave another note here once it is ready.

Thank you for the update Chris. Looks like several new features to improve throughput. Is there any update on when we can expect point to multipoint capabilities such as the version and possible release date? Is it near the top of the wish list, bottom, middle, etc. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Hi Alan,

B5c PTMP support is tentatively scheduled for May 2016 release. We have been diligently working on this for some time and are deploying it in our outdoor test lab now. I’ll be in touch directly with you ahead of the release about progress and testing.

Is traffic shaping anywhere on the road map? This would be my most requested feature.

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Hi Justin,

Beyond QoS on the Backhaul products, traffic shaping functions will reside on both the A5 and C5 product lines.

That is a little disappointing to hear, we do direct point to point links for businesses in our area and traffic shaping would be awesome on the B5 Lites. Thanks for the quick answer though!

Hi Justin, I’m happy to provide that feedback to our Marketing and Engineering teams (they read this too). We’ll add this to the feature request list.

any news on the beta?

Does the 6ghz to 6200 support mean that we could pay the fee for the 6ghz license in the USA?

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The products would have to be certified under Part 101 to be able to be used as 6 ghz licensed in the USA !
I do not think that they have been?

B5c is not part 101 certified but we are looking into what is possible to increase the performance and versatility of the product.

Thanks to all who have been participating in the 1.3.0 beta. For those not participating, thanks for your patience.

Ryan, is there any feedback on the beta test or scheduled release for 1.3.0? We are coming up on the last week of January. Just trying to plan ahead and maintain expectations from some of our partners.

Feedback on 1.3 has been great so far in terms of latency reduction, stability and performance improvements, and new features. We did uncover a few issues in the earlier versions that have been addressed. We decided that it would be prudent to do one more beta round to confirm that the release is solid. This requires a wider beta, so we’ll be posting a link to it here when ready. I would plan on the production release about 2 weeks after that.

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A new 1.3 Beta is available.

[Links removed because 1.3.0 is now released]

Please install on the remote side first, followed by the local side. Both sides must have this version to connect.

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Hello Chris,

The beta integrates the PtMP function for B5c?

Thank You!!!

we installed the version early this morning, this is our only production link with mimosa and would like to swap all our others over but we have one thing holding us back,… Ping times. On a 11mile link clear line of sight on a 2x20 we have a ping time of 10-18ms just from mimosa b5 to mimosa b5. We installed this version as I had heard it improved the ping but we see no change. Any help would be great!