Scheduled Release 1.3.0

Hi Manuel,

No, the PtMP function for B5c is currently scheduled for release in the March/April time frame.


You may need to switch the gender and traffic split to β€œAuto” to take advantage of the new Auto mode.
This is found at Wireless > Link > TDMA Configuration > Gender - Traffic Split on the AP.

Note that the new Auto mode does not synchronize with other Mimosa radios at the same site that share the same channel, so you will have to select different channels in that case.

Thanks for the reply the main reason we were making the switch to Mimosa was for the GPS sync so this will not be of help to my situation, we have another WISP in the area that keeps putting more and more transmitters on the 5ghz band not leaving much spectrum available, hence the importance of sync. We are hoping they start using the Mimosa brand so we can try to sync the towers by using the same gender.

Keep up the good work its great to have another option for our network deployment just wish we could get the ping down to the advertised 2ms, 4ms, or 8ms split with sync.


I changed the setting to see the difference and it is night and day have a ping around 2-3ms do you for see this type of ping being available with sync on in the near future?


Hi Chad,

With fixed TDMA, latency is function of the TDMA window (2/4/8ms), and the data aggregation that occurs prior to transmitting. In the absence of interference, you can expect RTT to be approximately 2.5 times the TDMA window:

By contrast, the new Auto TDMA protocol transmit window is as long as is necessary (up to 4ms) to send whatever data is available at the time, and then control is passed back to the other side. Since the timing and passing of control happens exclusively within a link, it is not possible to extend the low latency benefit to collocated links.

We may find and implement improvements to fixed TDMA going forward, but they will not result in equivalent performance to Auto TDMA.

So what will the latency be on auto TDMA vs fixed?

Hi John,

Latency with Auto is variable with traffic. We see a lot of links that have 1-2 ms of latency in Auto mode under light loading.

Hey Everybody,

Firmware version 1.3 is officially released:
I would encourage you to read through the release notes, and to contact directly if you run into any issues.

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