Screen Shot Please

Can anyone here provide a screenshot of an AP with 50 customers on it and provide feedback on performance?


Ken M.



Thanks @aldo

What is your experience so far. Are customers able to get 50+ mbps with this many customers attached to the AP?


Ciao Aldo, puoi condividere il tuo spettro ? Sei in ambiente Urbano ?

My thoughts as well. The most clients we currently have on a single AP is about 5 and we see more traffic than that on it.

64 clients are allowed to associate.

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Out of these 60+ clients some 40 are allowed to use up to 30Mbps download, some 16 upto 12mbps and 6 of these (for test purpose) upto 50Mbps.
These are all Mikrotik SXT’s, a mixture of ‘ac’ and ‘n’ units and we have 2 C5’s. So all in interop mode and all in < 450meters distance.

I am myself (my house) connected via a C5 and behind it a G2 (that is outperforming any other make wifi I have used in the last years…!) and I can on my mobile very consisten get www.speedtests of 30+Mbps, often 40+ and not rarely just get the full 50+ assigned (queues in main gateway) Mbps.

I am very happy with the A5 althoug we do have an occasional (once to twice a day, sometimes one or two days without) ‘network storm’ that kicks some units off the AP and most clients become unusable. We are working together with Mimosa to get this one nailed. If we do this is by far the best performing AP there is on the market I believe!


@Rudy, , how’s the latency of the customers?

I don’t know anymore. But reasonably good. People were watching IPTV, having Skype and Voip phone calls and some even playing shooting games so it can’t have been bad.
Since December though we are now running SRS fully to save up some frequencies and that works fine too.

Thank you for the screenshots!