Sector Gang Cluster Mount?

I’m needing to install (8) N5-45 X2 sector antennas. Does anyone know of a cluster mount available? There is a picture of one on the Mimosa webpage, but I can’t seem to find one for sale anywhere.

Kent S.

This what you are talking about?

I believe that was just a CAD design, but I am asking around to see if anyone ever built them/has the drawings left over to share.

RF Armor makes a 6 gang cluster mount, but I really need an 8 gang to give me a full 360o using the N5-42 X2’s. It’s really made for Ubiquiti and not sure if it would adapted to use the Mimosa sectors. Not a bad price either…

Ya what was posted we just a mockup. The guy who designed it is @Rory and they never got to the point of building one.

I may design something and get a local metal fabrication business to create it. I have also looked at several antenna side arms that may work that’s designed for Rohn antenna towers. Need something lightweight like aluminum to avoid it being too heavy…

Just an FYI, I gues the existing A5c hardware will not mount to an N5-45 bracket as shown in that picture. So you will need to design around that as well. (I was told this by another Mimosa user)