Selling 4 B11 radios - priced to go!

Hi guys,

I am selling 4 Mimosa B11 radios and 4 Jirous 1.2m parabolic dish. The total going price for everything is USD5000.00. The equipment has not been used and I am selling because I failed to get spectrum from the regulator. if interested, please reply on here.

It might help if you said where the equipment is located and posted some pictures.

The equipment is in Gaborone, Botswana.

Note the parabolic dish is a 680mm not 1.2m.

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Cool, thanks for the pictures. If you don’t get any bites here, there is a really good FaceBook Group “Wisp Equipment” that people sell stuff on pretty frequently and has a bit more eyeballs then this forum.

Good luck, sorry you didn’t get to use them.

You still have them available?

Hey Effort, Do you still have these 4 mate?