Serving mobile clients

I have a need to support a mobile client c5x.

I would like to use two A5c in adjacent sectors, with the same ssid

Our experience and this document says that we need -25db between the rx signal level to switch from one AP to the other.

If the C5x rx signal level difference does not reach -25dbm, the C5x stays on the inferior signal until kicked or rebooted.

I would appreciate any comments on how to resolve this issue without manual intervention.

Thank you,

On the access points you could turn off AGC Under Channel and Power Settings (Automatic Gain Control, though I may be wrong on the Gain word) on the APs and manually set them to a pretty high exclusion.

AGC Minimum Rx Power basically tells the AP to ignore signals lower then a certain RX power. Normally it’s used to help minimize sporadic noise and increase MCS. For your situation though it might work to drop poor clients (because in a normal situation it will drop weaker clients off of the AP if you set it too high) and force them to reassociate.

That said, Mimosa really isn’t designing their products for mobile wireless, and if your stuff is moving too much it will probably have issues. Especially if you have some local noise.