Set speed limit C5x

Hello, recently a 50 Mbps internet plan was activated in a PTP client with 2 Mimosa c5x, AP - STATION; I need to know if in the station in the QoS section I can limit its download and upload speed.

If so, I would appreciate if you could share the settings with me


I am not super familiar with the C5x and using the bandwidth limiter in it.

Just taking a quick look at my one C5x PTP link it looks like if you turn on the Bandwidth Limit option you can set a symmetrical plan, but it may be only on the TX side for each link. So you “may” have to setup the bandwidth limit on both sides of the link.

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The manual states:
“Bandwidth Limit - If enabled, the total bandwidth limit is rate limited to a supplied parameter between 1 and 1000Mbps.”

It says the “total bandwidth” is limited. I would take that to mean it adds together the transmit and receive bandwidth and limit that total to what you’ve set.