Setting up B24 (first time be kind)

What black art is in setting these up!. I have two in tripods today and set one in ap other in station and when I scan I cannot see anything!! Am I missing something? Sorry I have never set these up. I actually had the in situ and have now brought them down for testing.


Thanks in the meantime. Uploading: image.jpg…

Personally, for PTP links I always set them up ahead of time, so I have never tried using the Scan tool.

There shouldn’t be too terrible setup though, as long as you have them on the bench you can just get them near each other and set the SSID and Password on the client device and they should connect up after a short bit.

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If you can log into the units separately, could you post screenshots of the Dashboard and Channel and Power pages for both units?

Thanks for this I got a small signal tonight. So basically I will be at the other side of the link tomorrow.


Also had them working on the bench quite well but when I moved them to real-time I never got a peep. Only tonight with perseverance I got a small signal. Will work on this tomorrow. There quite fussy at a reasonable short link.

Also check out @DustinS video on Youtube on how to aim these. I see your just over 2km so its going to be a bit more fussy to ‘dial in’ at that range. If your clearance\fresnel is good you should have a good little link there after your aiming.

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Yeah I guess with the dish being quite small it wouldn’t be handy to set. Anyways I will
Update tomorrow and see what I can pull on a real time environment. LOS is clean with nothing in fresnel

Did you manually set the Tx Power? -13 is really low.

Also, unless you are cool with a lot of MCS changes I would drop your channel width to 40 MHz wide so you have better signal strength. I run my link that is right at 2 km on a 40 MHz wide channel and I don’t have many problems with rain and the such, but you will need a pretty perfect alignment to not have significant issues with rain fade.


This is great info William. Ty. Can I ask what throughput you are getting at a 40mhz channel? We would need approx 100-200mb on this link. We are setting up another if this goes well and would possibly need more bandwidth on the next one. Say 300-400mb

Using a 40 MHz wide channel I have tested 600 Mbps through it (single direction) so you should be fine using a 20 MHz wide channel. The second link I would lean towards using a 40 MHz wide channel, but you will want to make sure your alignment is pretty spot on. There isn’t really a lot of wiggle room at 2 km if you want a consistent and reliable link.

Real world throughput, I have gotten ~450 Mbps through it, but I am pretty sure the limitation was another backhaul going back to my CO. The B24 is the 3rd wireless link in a line and goes from one of my towers to my house so I can’t really stress test it without causing issues elsewhere in the network or being up at hours not meant for mankind.

That’s really good to hear. I will update today as I’m going to tower side today. Thanks again!!