SFP B-24 compatible

good afternoon, a few days ago we bought a kit of 2 B24 we are trying to install the sfp modules, we have tested with the Mikrotik but we have not had connectivity results, my question is if someone can help us with the lists of modules that are compatible with this hardware . From already thank you very much
Marcelo from Argentina.

Hi @Marcelo1,

Please visit the following link for recommended/tested SFPs with Mimosa equipment: http://backhaul.help.mimosa.co/install-fiber-port-ip67-gland-installation

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So, silly question but - Did you “Enable” that SFP port?

I do not have one on mine - but it is disabled in Management by default I think.

Is it true there’s only one LX SFP that’s available for use with b24? This doesn’t make any sense.


This topic is pretty old, I would start a new thread. Maybe Mimosa support would know of others that people have used successfully.

I hope @DustinS or someone else from Mimosa can comment. Having only one LX SFP module in the entire world that will work on a radio is just crazy. Is it a coding issue or has Mimosa actually shipped a broken product?

Hi @Jonathan1,

I’m sure there are plenty of SFP modules that will work with the B24, but the ones listed on the site are just the ones we’ve tested with. There are tons of SFPs and no way we can test them all.

I know there are plenty of folks out there using Cisco SFPs, Mikrotik SFPs, etc with our equipment without any issues.

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