SFP Support for 2.5g copper SFP adaptors?

So I found the link that says what SFPs are “supported” - but has anyone used any of the 2.5Gbps copper SFPs, and found them to work? Looking to get the full throughput of my link using the SFP slots on the radios, and would like to use copper if possible (100ft run). Let me know, thanks!

Link to supported models:

Do you want to see support for other SFP connections?

  • Yes - I would use a 2.5Gbps Copper SFP
  • Yes - I would like to use a 10Gig Copper SFP+ at 1Gbps speeds
  • No - I only use the Fiber SFPs
  • No - I only use the POE port for everything.

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I have never used 2.5 Gbps and I suspect that they wouldn’t negotiate, I can’t think of a radio that goes faster then 1.25 Gbps in a single direction anyways…

Uh, I have several radios that do more than that. I use SFP+ optics in all my backhauls but Mimosa.
Same frequencies, same channel widths I can do 1.5Gbps full Duplex with an Aviat 4200. I can do 10 and 20Gbps with Aviat 4800’s…