Show your link! The longest win a beer! Courtesy of Mimosa of corse

How long is your link? Throughput? Share!


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You beat me by 6 miles. :frowning:

Normal B5. Never going to beat @David10 link! And yes, we need to align some more…

I see your B5 @Arno and raise you with:

@DustinS Yeah, but we need to make this fair. Let’s factor in speed and work on the Mbps/kilometer then I beat you hands down. I’m sitting at a factor of 11 (234/21) compared to your measly 5.21 (120/23). Distances below 20 km don’t count. LOL!

@Arno… you are bad… but im the game. I got 2 new links… first:

The another one is longer than the first… but is no ready… yet

@David10 You may drop the mike Sir. BUT. My next link will compete!