Siklu Issue with B5C as a backup

I currently have a Siklu PTP link using Mimosa B5c as redundancy. I have vlan 920 for PTP radio access and Vlan 921 for traffic management. I use OSPF on my network.

Node A I have a mikrotik and node B have an edgerouter.

The problem I have is when siklu link goes down due to rain interference redundancy gets activated, I can access mimosa radios but no traffic is passing over to the edgerouter on node B.
In that moment I can ping node A from mimosa radio with no issues but cannot reach anything on node B.

Has someone have an idea how to fix this issue?

I would start by investigating VLANS and ensure that you have the correct tagging/access for the 921 VLAN on both sides. I would need more details on exactly how things are plugged in and how the edgerouter and mikrotik are programmed to help troubleshoot further.

Vlan 920 is setup in both Siklu and Mimosa PTP links.

NodeA Siklu has and Node B Siklu has both with Vlan 920
Extendmm on siklus have defaul vlan ID 1 but as I understand that is completely transparent as we are using layer2. anyway I have tried on extend mm vlan 920 and 921 without success.
Mimosa NodeA has vlan 920 and NodeB vlan 920 bridge mode for both.
Mikrotik router node A has vlan 920 assigned to eth3 with IP address for PTP radio access.
Also it has vlan 921 for eth3 for traffic management,

Edgerouter in Node B has only Vlan 921 on eth0 for traffic management

Port connections:
Siklu is using its own POE injector to Siklu Eth1
Siklu LAN is connected to mikrotik eth3 port
Mimosa is using its own POE inyector to radio port
Mimosa LAN cable is connected to Siklu eth2 port

Siklu is using its own POE injector to Siklu Eth1
Siklu LAN is connected to Edgerouter eth0 port
Mimosa is using its own POE inyector to radio port
Mimosa LAN cable is connected to Siklu eth3 fiber port with a copper minigibic. We did not connected to Siklu port 2 as it was flapping, so on port 3 is stable. We also have changed extenmm to port eth3.

Hope this provide the info you need.

When the link goes down are the Siklu radios accessible? Also is the GBIC high temperature rated? I have Siklus that hit over 70°C.

when siklu goes down only Node A Siklu is accesible I cannot access Siklu node B.
Gbic is rated 0 a 70°C (32 a 158°F)

Sounds like maybe the Siklu isn’t properly failing over the link.

I would connect your routers directly to the Mimosa radios and verify that they are configured correctly first, IE they will pass traffic over the proper VLANs as well as the management traffic.

From there, I would mess around with the Siklu config, see if there is anything weird with that and verify that they are setup to properly failover.

I am not a network expert but you must use a different vlan for backup and another ospf neighborhood with different ip so the routing can shift to backup when primary ospf neighbor is down

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yes the mimosa radios work corrrectly without Siklu, I used to have those mimosas as the main link before putting Siklu

remember that one Vlan is only for radio PTP access and there is another vlan for traffic management

I think the Siklus should be the ones doing the failover, but I have not used this kind of setup before. I would try different VLANs and see what happens.

I would verify that the radios have the latest firmware than double check the extend mm settings including that the liscense is in place. The Siklu should handle the failover seemlessly.

yes those values are fine, I have fixed the issue it was mimosa POE defective, changing it has fixed the entire problem

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