Site Survey cause reboot on B5c and B5-Lite

Everyday a new problem.

Now it’s the time of Site Survey. I can successfulyy launch Site Survey on Master of B5c link. The button change to Scanning… but after some minutes the website sessions ends and the B5c reboot 3 times with following error message:

Results are not shown at all. Conclusion: Site Survey is unuseful.

Any update on this ?

Hello, I have the same problem, can someone help us?

@Sebastian2 Kind of a dead thread, especially since there has been a pretty major update since. Are you on the latest firmware?

Hi @Sebastian2,

Like @william5, has suggested, have you upgraded to the latest firmware? Also please feel free to open up a support chat and talk with us. We would be more than happy to help you take care of this!

I’m also seeing this issue now.

I’m using a third party power solution (PoE Switch); I wonder if this has anything to do with it.

Are you guys using the Mimosa power supplies OR third party like I am?

Try with netonix switch and shielded cable with patch cord shielded too. The problem should disappear

This is exactly the condition it is failing with me right now.

I am using a Netonix Switch and shielded patch cable.

We use Netonix and a few other 3rd party power supplies, sometimes the original Mimosa power supply, but its pretty bulky and doesn’t rack mount well. Do you have this issue when you use the Mimosa power supply?

I honestly would doubt it being a power supply issue unless the Site Survey causes a big pull in power usage (Which the Netonix would log). Make sure you are on the latest firmware. If you are then I would recommend starting a new thread.


Could you share what version of firmware you are running? I would suggest upgrading to at least 1.4.7 or 1.5.1 and see if the problem persists. If it does, I would love to gather more information from you.

Mimosa B5 is at v1.5.1
Netonix is at v1.5.0

Changed the cable and it still rebooting.

2018-06-28 17:00:00 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT GPS signal recovered
2018-06-28 17:00:38 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT Startup reason: Non-Responsive System
2018-06-28 17:00:47 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT ethernet link is not ready
2018-06-28 17:00:53 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT binaryversion=90afb59714e83b80041e9bf58c3ba9765029cc29 build_time=2018-06-06 23:01:55 (UTC +0000) bamboo_build_time_stamp=2018-06-06T23:02:19.832Z bamboo_build_number=19 project=FWREL-REL5 branch=release/1.5.1
2018-06-28 17:00:55 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT Wireless associated
2018-06-28 17:00:59 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT ethernet vendor id: 0x221622.
2018-06-28 17:01:03 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT Startup reason: Non-Responsive System

I’ve sent you an email @Renaldo!

Hello, I have the same problem. Just installed a B5, 1.5.1 FW, connected to a Netonix WS12-DC switch 48V 0.75A port, shielded 35 meters long ethernet cable. When I start a site survey B5 restarts. Any solution Dustin?

PS: I downgraded to 1.4.1 and Site Survey works, it seems that this is a software bug…

PS2: OK, I downgraded to 1.3.1 then upgraded to 1.4.1 again and the problem reappeared… Not a software problem.

PS3: Today I went up to the tower and plugged the B5 into a 48VH 1.5A port of Netonix switch. B5 still reboots when I start a Site Survey :frowning:

Hi @Janos,

I have sent you an email with follow up questions.