Site Survey Link Issue

When I conduct a Site Survey I notice the wireless link goes down. Is this normal and if so what is the process to bring the link back up? The only way I’ve been able to re-establish the link is power cycle both the AP and Station units. We have the B5 Ghz Backhaul system.

What firmware are you running on your B5 radios?

I have never been able to do site surveys on remote Mimosa radios very well. They disconnect and then you never get your results, which is kind of frustrating.

Weird though that the radio never reconnects though, though I have not tested this on my B5c link, the C5# radios I have used always seem to reconnect eventually.

Installed Version: 2.8.1-FWREL-RB5P24-64
Build Date: 2021-01-20

Oh that’s latest, I think Mimosa has had a couple issue regressions in 2.8.1, I want to say I recall there being a Release note about something like this in an older firmware.

If you could report the issue to Mimosa support that would be great, if you really wanted to you could try downgrading a firmware version or two and see if it resolves the problem.

Hi all,

It is normal for Mimosa radios to disconnect to do a site survey. There is only one radio inside, so the connection has to be severed for the 5GHz radio to do its scan.