Small parts for Mimosa

I just purchased a used B5 backhaul and have everything needed except the black plastic cable screw on weather seals. Does anyone know where I can purchase some of these?

Would also be good to be able to get other small items like mounts.

Kent S.

the product is called “Cable Gland” it can be obtained at any hardware store / ebay / etc.

As @Danielcs said, the glands are pretty standard.

As far as other extra parts, I have had pretty good experiences with just asking Mimosa Support for extra equipment. If you have any problems I can ask @DustinS (or you can ask him yourself) and he is awesome about supplying missing parts. (I have had to pay for some things and shipping, but the prices were always reasonable.)

Hi Kent. I’ve had the same problem. I can’t find ones at Lowes, Home Depot, ACE, ect… that fit. If someone has, please post the brand and part number. I need both glands for B11s. For the fiber and network cable. As far as a C5 goes, that one is going to be proprietary. Mimosa needs a way for us to buy these parts easily. Dustin helps when he can and it’s always greatly appreciated but, I don’t think he has unlimited spare parts. If he does, please send me some also. :wink: I really need at-least 4 of each please. I really need them and I don’t know what to do.

Hi all,

I wish I had unlimited spare parts. I usually pull certain things from RMA’d radios to send out to those that need them. The only Ethernet Glands that you can purchase at Home Depot, etc are for the A5x. The other radios have their own type of gland that you can only get from Mimosa. If you email me at, I’ll see what I have.

Hi Dustin,

I just emailed you.