SNMP change in FW 2.3.0 from 2.2.3

Just installed our first C5 running firmware 2.3.0 (rest are on 2.2.3). It looks like there is a change in SNMP but I don’t see any mention in release notes. We use a standard SNMP Traffic MIB to graph the traffic for all our subscriber modules using PRTG. With 2.2.3 firmware, this works fine. In 2.3.0, I get an error when trying to add the traffic MIB. When I look at the SNMP OID table, I don’t see a custom OID for total traffic (both in and out).

No comment from Mimosa? We have deployed a couple more C5’s with 2.3.0 and SNMP Traffic no longer works. I am getting ready to downgrade the new C5’s back to 2.2.3 so we can track traffic usage via SNMP.

Hi Chadwick,

This is a Support issue, so please contact Support through Chat or Email.

C5 SNMP does work, and the release notes do mention that the MIB was updated.

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