SNMP changes in 2.4.1

I just upgraded from to 2.4.1 on my A5 and C5’s. There seems to be a change to SNMP on the A5 in this firmware change. We SNMP poll the AP every 30 seconds. Since upgrading to 2.4.1, those throughput request alternate between 0 Mbps and actual throughput every 30 seconds.

To explain better, here is a throughput graph before we upgraded to 2.4.1:

Here is a throughput graph after upgrading to 2.4.1:

Every other SNMP poll is 0 Mbps when in reality, that is not the case. We also poll the switch port this radio is attached to so I know the traffic is not matching the pattern displayed in the 2.4.1 graph.

Hi Chad,
I have created a Mimosa Technical Support case and sent you an email with all information so that we may continue to troubleshoot this issue.
Thank you for your patience as we continue working the issue.

I suggest you change you monitoring to poll the counters on the interface instead and calculate average over for example 1 or 5 minutes. We used to monitor the radios using OID for current throughput but found it far to inacurate and abandoned that as soon as interface polling became available. (from 2.4.0-firmware)

We are monitoring the interface. We poll every 30 seconds and then our software creates 2 hour, 12 hour, 30 day and 365 day graphs from that data.

Ok. We are polling and graphing our traffic at an interval of 1 minute as the lowest (Average over 1 or 5 minutes) so we dont see this problem.

I just manually tried polling Ethernet Traffic of an A5c running 2.4.1

10 second interval;

5 second interval

I see a 0bps hit in your 5 second interval. Have you let that or the 10 second interval run long enough to generate a pattern?