SNMP Monitoring / Alerts

Hi all, anyone have any open source SNMP monitoring tools / alerts OTHER than Zabbix? :slight_smile:

i’m currently looking into NETXMS, check them out.

We use NetXMS, it’s complicated to setup and there are a million settings that will get you turned around.

But the graphs are good and the data collection is great. My favorite part is that I can build alarms and alerts based off of anything I can monitor. That said, it’s a very involved process and I would recommend taking a training course through them to get your feet underneath you.

If I were to go back and choose another option, I probably would go with LibreNMS or maybe Zabbix, much simpler setup. TBH, unless you have an admin who can spend 1-2 weeks understanding/setting up and learning NetXMS then it’s probably not for you. But if you have those resources or don’t mind spending late nights fiddling around with settings and manuals then NetXMS is the way to go.

Get Preseem, best investment you’ll make, enough said.

While Preseem is an excellent solution, it does not replace a monitoring system and the logging that you can pull out of that.

Also, Preseem only stores so much data for you, with a decent monitoring server you can have months/years of very detailed information to pull from. (They also do not monitor equipment like routers/Switches/Backhauls IIRC)

That said, if you are a small shop, Preseem would probably be just fine.