SNMP monitoring of A5 specifically Noise

Is there an ability to monitor the average noise that an A5 is seeing ?

Any suggestions are welcome.


examples of how anyone else is doing this.

Also, the Base MIB link in the A5 MIB support page sends you to the B5 MIB and not the Base MIB.


I was using LibreNMS for a bit and I want to say that by default it was pulling that information, but I broke the VM and have not had the time to figure out what happened. What are you using for your SNMP?

We are polling with Nagios XI

Looking through the reference all I could find was . which gave a particular Clients SNR which you could combine with ., which will give you the average RSSI for that client, to get the overall noise.

Sorry I am not more help, I only have a cursory knowledge of SNMP, so the actual details for how to do the intermixing I am at a loss to help you with. Hopefully someone else on the forums knows something, there are several guys who visit here and maybe a summons might help. @Chadwick and @morris have commented about SNMP a couple times before, they may be able to give you some insight.

Hello, is there a software or way to be able to consult by SNMP the CPE connected to an A5c and turn it into a JSON response so that it can be displayed in an HTML / PHP page for example?

Sorry for digging up this thread…

There are some things I would like to poll from the A5 w/ SNMP.

  • RX Noise, avg and max
  • Airtime Utilization and Interference in percent.
  • Wireless Errors
  • DL Packet Loss Rate (LOG MAC Errors)

Either I’m blind or they don’t exist in current snmp implementation ?

Ping @DustinS

Hi @morris,

I’ll see what I can find out for you and let you know.

Hi @morris,

Unfortunately you are correct. Those do not exist in the current SNMP implementation. Why? I have no idea. Hopefully it’s something we can rectify for you and others soon. I have seen many times where people complain about our SNMP and available OIDs. I’ll pass this info on to Product Management and Engineering.

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Hi @DustinS , any update regarding Airtime monitoring ?