SNMP ... monitoring / polling?


I am growing old… Is SNMP polling available on the A5 (A5-18) … if yes, Where is it ? I am getting old and a bit blind… as such not able to find it.


Any idea when we will see SNMP on the A5 units?

or a link someone could point me to on this?


Hi Joshua,

Our engineers are still working on SNMP for the A5 among other things, but I hear that it is coming along. It may not be ready for the feature release that is currently in alpha test, so it will probably be in the one after that. In the meantime, SNMP is available on the C5s already.

There is a known bug with the MIMO status table (chains and streams) where the OIDs were inadvertently shifted. I’m told that will be resolved in the upcoming firmware release.

We’ll post updates as we learn more about the release schedule.

Thanks for the update Chris.

Still waiting on the SNMP capabilities. We use cacti to pull usage data down from our devices and currently we can’t pull from the A5 any statistics or descriptions (ie, setting sysContact, sysLocation, etc…)

Any word on this? this thread was dated almost 9 months ago…


Woops, my bad, found it under “notifications”. Sort of a weird place for SNMP but ok…