SNMP Performance values

I am using SNMP for monitoring B5 devices and using SNMP for getting performance metrics.
Getting values using follow OIDs:
mimosa phy tx rate:
mimosa phy rx rate:
But values in kbps.
How i can convert values to web interface like Mbps Performance?
I converted kbps to mbps as usual but got different values.

You were probably off by a factor of 100 after converting to mbps. The MIB states the syntax is DecimalTwo, which I believe means the decimal is shifted right two places. Divide by 100 after converting to mbps and see if that doesn’t match. Let us know, thanks!

mimosaPhyTxRate OBJECT-TYPE
SYNTAX DecimalTwo
UNITS “kbps"
MAX-ACCESS read-only
STATUS current
"The transmit packet rate at the physical level over a 5 second interval.”
::= { mimosaPerfInfo 1 }

STATUS current
DESCRIPTION "Fixed point, two decimals"
SYNTAX Integer32

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