SNMP Requests Needed!

Hi everyone,

I know there are several old threads here about SNMP and what people are hoping to see from it. I want to revive that topic here and now. Please post what you’d like to see added to our SNMP. I’m compiling a list to present to Engineering.



There was someone else complaining about how long SNMP queries took, but I can’t find their post and I may be thinking of another product.

As far as I care, SNMP is pretty good. Would be nice if your MIBs were in more monitoring solutions by default. But I don’t know what that process would look like.

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Hi, there are a couple of things we’d really like to see on the Backhaul radios. 1) Expose the MAC throughput for Tx and Rx for the link. 2) Calculate and expose the Utilization for both of the link. I can’t tell you how much we’d like to grab these stats over time and graph them.

For the APs, more of the same 1) Utilization of the AP. I know these are different technologies, but Cambium exposes the Frame Utilization. Something like that would be incredibly helpful. 2) This might be there, but exposing the number of disconnected clients on the AP would be nice.

For both backhaul and AP it would be great if there was a way to report the noise floor in the currently selected frequency. Not sure if the devices are storing that anywhere.

I posted that SNMP response is way way too slow. Our NMS keeps Mimosas on at least yellow alarm because it doesn’t respond within 3 second, when most devices respond within a fraction of a second.
The MIB is actually pretty good, now that it’s implemented right (or close enough). Just be sure that if you add anything, you do not change anything (though you can I suppose delete OIDs) --once a MIB OID is assigned, it should be forever, to avoid conflict.

How can I add mimosa to PRTG?