SNMP Uptime wrong output


I am monitoring the WAN link uptime using a simple query for .
It was working fine until now, it always gives back the answer of Timeticks: (100) 0:00:01.00 when the actual uptime now is 11d+

The device in question is B11, installed version 1.5.4, Build Date 2020-10-09 17:24:42 (UTC +0000)

Anyone facing the same issue?

Thank you,

Weird, my b11 running 1.5.3 is showing 800. I guess there probably is an issue.

@DustinS, any thoughts?

Hi folks,

I’m not sure. I suppose something might have broken on 1.5.4. I would go to chat and have the guys check it out for you. They would be able to get engineering involved if needed to see.