SNMP write access to change CPE name?

This seems pretty simple, but I think that I am missing something.

I am attempting to update the System Name of a CPE device via SNMP

Something like:

snmnpset -v 2c -c private SNMPv2-MIB::sysName.0 s “My Cool Mimosa Test Device Name”

This works, but the set does not:
snmnpget -v 2c -c public SNMPv2-MIB::sysName.0
SNMPv2-MIB::sysName.0 = STRING: “My Cool Mimosa Test Device Name”

Now - please keep in mind that I have changed my snmp community from public to something else, and I dont see an option for “private” to be able to write.

Perhaps there is something else, firmware - upcoming features etc?

Trying to automate some stuff, and it would be useful to be able to update the “Device Friendly Name”, “Device Description”, “Location” etc…

Also looking for a way to update GPS co-ordinates on the C5c’s and C5x’s - so they are not all after installs.

Our installers don’t always fill in those values / or properly / or don’t allow access to location services.

So, SNMP seems to the the best fit for me, but not working.
Any thoughts / suggestions would be nice - or perhaps this is a feature request?


Looks like you can set some of these in the Mimosa cloud system.

Really need / would like a way to have my own systems update this info however.

I know it has been asked before - but anything new on an API for the cloud tools?

If there was I could jack my system into that - perhaps there is some new stuff I dont know about?

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Hi Rob,

Please let me know if you gain any insight to this issue.

I’ve seen several references to a cloud api, and the possibility of snmp set development, but nothing to indicate that it’s actually available.

My specific desire is to be able to remotely reboot/kick/change ssid from an application rather than logging in to the A5, C5, or cloud manually.

Thank you,

So, as I understand it - radius can accomplish some of this.

From the release notes from 2.5.3:
New Features
New RADIUS VSA (Vendor-Specific Attributes)

RADIUS VSA allows the auto-configuration of several parameters of C5 through the RADIUS server. In addition to existing RADIUS VSA, the following parameters are added in this release:

SNMP Contact
SNMP Location
Ping Watchdog parameters
WebUI session timeout
Enable/Disable each SNMP notification type
Enable/Disable each Syslog Notification type (new in 2.5.3-beta2)

Clients do not reboot after configuration through VSA except when the following VSA are passed through RADIUS:

MAC Protocol change

Firmware Upgrade

It would in fact be nice to have an API / SNMP write option to be able to accomplish what you are asking.

I have a desire to be able to remotely reboot CPE devices using my own internal provisioning system too, and the lack of an API / SNMP write access is an impediment to this.

Perhaps there are other ways that Mimosa could share with us to be able to reboot a device / change SSID / set SNMP Contact info etc that is not radius based?

I can say that we have been using Mikrotik devices as CPE’s and have access to them / as POE out from the Mikrotik is used to power the C5x’s - a reboot of that unit will also reboot the C5x.

Maybe @DustinS will have some input into this?

So I don’t think SNMP write or APIs will be around anytime soon. Now there is something else coming that might be of interest… You’ll know soon.

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Good to know - looking forward to the alternate solutions for these things - as the need is out there!

Any updates ? Chomping at the bit still.

And it is DECEMBER!