Snmpget returns, "No Such Instance currently exists at this OID"

Hi all. Running:
snmpget -v 2c -c mysecret
No Such Instance currently exists at this OID. It’s the same for many of the documented OIDs here:

Is it me or is there a B5 SNMP problem?



Release 1.4.1 mutilated the SNMP handling – the actual values returned got way out of sync with the MIB. This wasn’t fixed in 1.4.4 but supposedly will get fixed at some point. Since it is using the real B5 space, you can’t override it with a fake MIB, either. So we just have to wait until they fix it in a future release, and “interpret” what we can get appropriately. Note for instance that a lot of 10’ths of dB values were turned to dB values, so signals now show up at -6.0 dB when they should be -60, to give one example. Other things are just in the wrong place, at some other value’s OID.

thanks Fred. Plea to Mimosa: it’s important to fix this. When the B5 automatically shifts frequency, we can end up with a very poor and slow link (as happened this morning). Our snmp monitoring system (LibreNMS) would spot this and send an alert. So please fix ASAP.



Thanks for the reply, Fred. This is very poor indeed. Mimosa guys, what do you have to say about this? When can we expect a fix?

Just an update, SNMP in 1.4.4 working

They told me that it isn’t. Does it match the MIB? And if so, are there two MIB out there, one pre-1.4 and one later? That would flagrantly violate how SNMP works, since a MIB demands absolute uniqueness of OIDs including over time.