Soft cap clients when reach a specific amount of data used

Hi Guys, I am new to all of this. I am currently testing the A5 14, C5x and G2 equipment to put up a possible high site at our office.

I am looking at various packages as we want to be competitive where possible. Is the A5 able to soft cap clients when they have reached a specific amount of gigs use. Say for example:

Client has signed up for a 15Mbps package but we would like to limit the data usage to 250 gigs for that package and after they have reached that limit we want to drop the line speed to say 2Mbps. There normal line speed will return in the new month.

Is this possible on the A5 and any of the access points

No, the A5 line can only limit the bandwidth according to speed, maximum speed and dedicated speed.

What you are looking for is something that will have storage across reboots and track usage. So some sort of networking hardware to do the monitoring of packets going through and a server to tally usage and reset connections at the beginning of each month. I think there may be some of the billing solutions that can do this if you have the correct router in place, I know there are companies like Preseem that do all sorts of crazy stuff with their hardware.

Personally I don’t like bandwidth caps for this very reason, you spend all this time/money on equipment for monitoring which means you can’t spend it on more/faster equipment for actually delivering service. We take the route of lower speeds and no bandwidth caps which some customers really appreciate, the nice part of Mimosa equipment is that they play really well among their APs so it’s fairly straightforward to add equipment as long as you have the space.

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@William5… Thank you for that valuable info. I am happy with the Mimosa products so we will work on that and you gave me an idea on how to approach potential clients. thanks again.