Spanning Tree not working from C5x to A5c

Howdy all,

I have 3 C5x clients and an A5c setup with 1 VLAN for Management. All radios have the 2.5.3 firmware and I have 1 SSID setup as a Trunk (a.k.a. pass through). As far as I can tell the STP BPDUs make it from the A5c to the C5x’s but not back the other way.

I have a mix of Cisco 3000 and 3300 switches. I am trying to use 2 VLANs for data.

So far tech support has told be to try about 4 different versions of firmware(including betas), but none have resolved the issue.

Sorry about the run around. Mimosa PTMP doesn’t support Spanning Tree.

Thanks for the answer!

Do you know if Mimosa PTMP will support STP in the future?

I do not believe any of the PTMP on the AC chipset will. I am not sure about the AX stuff at the moment.

Does the chipset matter? My Cisco switches should actually be handling the STP and choosing which port to send data out on, not the mimosa equipment.

However, the latest firmware (2.5.3) adds lists of devices connected to each client, so STP might not be much more of a stretch once that information is collected.

I have this same issue on a Meraki Network, I deactivated spanning tree and the netwrok latency and speed improved instantly. I am running 2.5.2 and wanted to upgrade to 2.5.3 but now I am worried that that wont work either.

Riaan1, are you using a Ptp or Ptmp setup?

Tengo varios radios C5x, con antena 20 y 25. Mi experiencia a continuacion
1-Estremadamente sensibles y delicadas con la corriente, cualquier falla las quema, las funde, no vienen con protector, no recomendado para paises latinos. Tengo 4 antenas quemadas, por fallas electricas, y comarado con las ubiquiti, de las cuales tengo 42 propias y mas de 400 clientes, no tengo ni la primera dañada por este motivo
2-Para configurarla, sumamente tediosa y lento, cada cambio hay q esperar 3min por el reset, puedes tardar mas de media hora solo configurandola
3-Inicial instalacion no abre con todos los browser, hay q usar alguno light
4-Si no tienes internet en el sitio donde estas instalando y no llevas la antena configurada, no podras instalarla, ya que requieres internet para configurar y desbloquear
5-Si el enlace no esta perfecto se cae. No trabaja mal, solo se cae. Diferencia con ubiquiti, que asi este mal el enlace, sigue funcionando
6-Despues de un tiempo instalada, es casi imposible o totalmente imposible retirar la antena, parece q se oxida o se tranca, y cuesta mucho retirar la antena del radio
7-Lo bueno,es el radio, si tiene buena señal y rangos de canales mas amplios
8-Solo trabaja con 20, 40 y 80 de ancho de canal
9-Servicio al cliente muy malo, por lo menos en mi pais
10-Recomendable usar airfiber, en caso de tener el dinero.

I have several C5x radios, with 20 and 25 antenna. My experience below
1-Extremely sensitive and delicate with the current, any fault burns them, melts them, they do not come with a protector, not recommended for Latin countries. I have 4 burned antennas, due to electrical failures, and compared with the ubiquiti, of which I have 42 of my own and more than 400 clients, I do not have even the first damaged for this reason
2-To configure it, extremely tedious and slow, each change you have to wait 3 minutes for the reset, it can take more than half an hour just configuring it
3-Initial installation does not open with all browsers, you have to use some light
4-If you do not have internet in the place where you are installing and you do not have the antenna configured, you will not be able to install it, since you require internet to configure and unlock
5-If the link is not perfect, it falls. It doesn’t work badly, it just falls off. Difference with ubiquiti, so the link is wrong, it still works
6-After a while installed, it is almost impossible or totally impossible to remove the antenna, it seems that it rusts or sticks, and it costs a lot to remove the antenna from the radio
7-The good thing is the radio, if it has a good signal and wider channel ranges
8-Only works with 20, 40 and 80 channel width
9-Very bad customer service, at least in my country
10-Recommended to use airfiber, in case you have the money.