Spectrum Analyzer

Please Help me with my problem in Mimosa B5C, what should be the best frequency in my area spectrum. i encounter problem with my frequency now. the latency is spiking ang i got rto also…

What antennas are you using?

TBH, there’s only a couple options (especially if the antenna gain is correctly set)

  1. If the antenna gain is correct, then your alignment seems to be off. Mimosa design is saying that you should be seeing your signal in the low 40 dB’s. That of course is assuming you no obstructions in your fresnel zone. I would recommend mocking up your link in Mimosa’s Link Planner Tool to see for yourself and maybe you can improve the alignment.

  2. If you have obstructions in your fresnel zone, then you should look at doing what you can to remove them.

  3. If your antenna selection is not a 34 dB antenna on each side, you may want to look at a higher gain antenna to improve your signal on each side of the link. I would recommend something with a “isolation” shield which normally is a ring of metal in-front of the antenna which helps to block out noise from the sides of the antenna.

  4. If the noise is very local to the antenna, you could look at getting higher quality cables to go between your B5c and your antenna, if they are long this will be especially helpful because it’s probable that they are picking up noise and are a source of your issues. You might also want to check your grounding to make sure the B5c it self is able to block out local noise.

  5. You could go to a smaller channel size, while this will limit the maximum amount of bandwidth you can push through the link, it will allow you to deal with noise better and find a cleaner channel. (Make sure to check both sides of the link when choosing a channel, noise on one side of the link may not show up on the other, so I would recommend looking at both Local and Remote instead of only the Combined noise)