SRS A-B Question

We are about to switch our entire network to SRS. So far we have had a lot of success with Wi-Fi Interop but due to increased AP’s and more towers; we feel this change is needed. My only confusion is should 1 particular tower be ALL A’s and another ALL B’s? I’ve seen conflicting statements and even read the SRS implementation guide were it had both A/B on same tower but not to put A/B on same frequencies due to their overlapping.
In one particular configuration we have an AP that shoots across town because it covers and valley between two large ridges and through that ridge there are 3 more AP’s that service smaller areas around there.
I just want to get a handle on this setup correctly before I make a huge change.
My initial thought would be to set A/B however I want as long as my A/B don’t utilize the same Freq if they have overlapping signals… correct?

Mimosa basically divides time up into two different slots A and B.

When A is transmitting B is listening, when B is transmitting A is listening. So, I would recommend that you keep all your tower as A or B. If you have PTP links and Towers that don’t see each other then that is when you will want to use B on such towers.

Currently I have 3 towers running entirely Mimosa Equipment, all of them are running on A. If I were to setup a tower with a B5 or B5c between it and another Mimosa Tower, it probably would become a B tower so that each end of the link would be synced with the entire rest of the tower and minimize my noise issues hopefully.