SRS client number limit

This limit used to be 44. But since some weeks (fw beta, upgraded to same issue) we found every time we hooked a new client it took an hour or more to get it associated…
This week we actually found its because we are with 42 clients and only when one other client for whatever reason (or we simply rebooted the AP) was disassociated this new client could connect at the cost of that other that couldn’t anymore…
Tried to look in the online manuals but to be honest can’t find any info on the client number limit. (I am sure it was there in the past…)

Anybody any ideas? (Can’t reach chat today neither, no response of Mimosa on fb too… :frowning: )

Ya know, Mimosa did have somthing that said the Maximum SRS clients, can’t remember at this time, but I thought it was around 60. I can’t find anything either in the manuals so maybe @Mimosa or @DustinS can inform us.

We are approaching 42 clients on a couple of our sectors as well, but we are looking at different sector options because more then 20 clients means we are oversubscribing the sector…

Hi Rudy,

Chat should be available now. Part of the team is out because of holiday.

As for SRS, the client limit is 44. Do you have any disconnected clients showing up on the AP that might be exaggerating your client count?

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@DustinS is right, We had that for a bit when we moved some sectors around, clients would not connect until we rebooted and removed a bunch of disconnected clients. A really nice feature, that can get annoying if you move clients around a lot.

Well, the limit of this A5 is ‘hard’ 42. We did several tests with several C5’s. This AP had in the past several times 43 and 44 associated clients but we simply can’t get that number any more. I already spoke the guys on a chat about it and showed them that although all units run latest firmware (A5 and C5’s) and the units that we’d like to associate are only some 30 to 80 meters away from AP we can only connect these if we’d either reboot the AP (and then they connect but some other(s) won’t anymore, or if we’d kick one or two clients and remove their mentioning from the client list. (Not associated clients stay in the list with an exclamation mark. That will only go in a ‘remove’ action or reboot of the AP.)

We’d never had this issue before. But since 2.4.1 version we have…

And indeed, I am 100% sure this limit of 44 was mentioned in the manuals before, but can’t find that number anymore.

(And the higher numbers; that is in ‘interop mode’ then their is no hard limit I’d believe and we proved a year ago an A5 works relatively good even with 66 associated Mikrotik SXT-ac’s as clients!)

I can even remember that in this forum or in the chat is was promised that the 44 client limit in SRS mode would go up in future fw releases.
But today I’d actually got a reply stating that recommended number in SRS is 30-35!

Well, 44 did work fine for me but we are now offloading clients towards a 60Ghz P2MP solution. Cheaper, higher speeds, no more interference and a much better OS. We keep the Mimosa’s but in fact are not expanding them any further.
We also have a 5% failure (ethernet ports) rate on C5’s. Which is a tenfold higher rate then the system we’d used, and still use in other places.
I’d love the A5’s in capacity but the C5’s are not the best design I have seen…