Strange Acting B5

I have an out of warranty B5 that works and connects to the AP just fine, but if rebooted it will not boot again, it flashes red and will not even broadcast the wireless recovery. If we let it sit for a while ( in my case a few days) I can go back and recover it, unlock it, flash it, etc… It will stay connected and pass traffic without a problem. If I disconnect power after running it a few days, it goes back to a flashing red.

The issue started with it not accepting a remote firmware upgrade so we went on site to do it. It still would not accept the upgrade so we rebooted it and it never came back. Luckily we purchased a spare which was only a few hours away :slight_smile:

I am thinking about opening it up to see if it has any swelled capacitors. Has anyone else encountered this?

I think all capacitors are SMD, so you wont see any problem with it. I guess flash memory is “gone” in your case, which will require some special tools for resoldering and reprogramming. Take a look at those fotos (B5-lite actualy)

Thank you Nikolay. You saved me from wasting time opening it up only to be disappointed.

I will just make a clock face out of it :slight_smile: