Sudden signal drop from remote side and low tx rate

Hi all
I faced a problem with the c5c
The signal dropped suddenly on the remote side and the tx rate is very low.
I noticed on the remote side that the snr is -7db
I tried different frequencies but didn’t work.
What could cause this problem? And how can i fix it?

Sounds like you may have a cable problem. Have you checked to make sure that the LMR cable is connected correctly? / connectors are still tight.

We had several C5c radios with 30 dBi dish’s that we used having similar issues. Turns out that the hot / cold of a few seasons loosened the connector ends and water seeped in.

Radios where replaced with C5x’s and 25 dBi - not as good a signal - but enough and no LMR cable issues after that.

Check your cables / replace them and the C5c if needed.