Summary of B Line Release Notes 1.5.0

Check the global post for links (Thanks @DustinS!)

What follows is what I think is important because it benefits me or I have seen it in the forums here or elsewhere.

  • Fixed KRACK vulnerability (i.e., WPA-2 vulnerability related to key replay). (B5, B5c, B5L and B11, @Massimiliano1, @ActionLogan. Though in truth, I should just include all of us #ParanoidTechWorkers in on this)

  • Feature gives the ability to disable/enable firewall through UI. The firewall rules protect the device from DoS attacks. (The whole B line, I think this was related to @Chadwick’s problems and some other people who were monitoring their networks with Pings. Do let us know if this fixes the issues ya’ll were seeing)

  • Update Canada’s newly allocated 100 MHz of unlicensed spectrum (5150-5250 MHz). (Canadians will be happy to hear of new spectrum, hopefully we will not see any networks make the move to Canada… :male_detective: @Neil )

  • Updated security vulnerability patches for DNS and DHCP servers running on device. (Whole B Line. Low key, but rings my security bell, do the update)

  • Channel changes due to radar hit on the station trigger are now logged. (B5 Line. For those of you who run auto channel, braver souls then myself)

  • Improved the responsiveness of aiming mode. (Whole B Line. This needs to happen on all devices)

  • Added 10 -10.7 GHz support for B11 in US and US Licensed mode. B11 requires a reboot to move between lower sub-band (10 – 10.7 GHz) and upper sub-band (10.7 – 11.7 GHz) (B11. Oh! Candy! Gonna check me out some new frequencies…)

  • Fixed the condition where B11 does not pass traffic if the unit is powered on before Ethernet is plugged in. (This is why you PoE everything! No really, #PoEeverything)

  • Improved SNMP stability and responsiveness & other SNMP Fixes. (B Line. @Viktor @Dave1 @AaronD Please report back to the community to let us know how good the fixes are)

  • Stability and Crash Fixes across B Line. (If you didn’t have enough reasons to do the update already)

Known Issue
If both the backhaul radios are attached to Cisco 3550 or 3750 switches and the Dynamic Trunking Protocol on the switches is turned on, connectivity to device’s management IP may fail. Workaround is to turn off the Dynamic Trunking Protocol on the trunk port. (Sorry @Dustin2 @Paul7 :cry:)

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Mimosa only allows 10 mentions per post, but these fellows should also get a mention:
Krack Attack:, @Marcos2, @sv3nster , they all followed up and were asking for fixes on Mimosa equipment.

DoS Firewall issue: @Alex.Lindsay @Jason7 Also were asking questions and verified Chadwick’s issues. Please do let us all know if this fixes things.

Channel Changes @Bill @TBits_net both asked for better logging in this area. Thanks Guys!

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What kind of issues were they seeing and did you fix? We have a customers who NPM will show that eth1_emac1 and wifi0 interface were shutdown and wouldn’t collect data and then all of a sudden it would just come back. They also noticed they would get some Ethernet link flapping, but if SNMP was disabled then it would be 100% solid. This happened only on one of the two radios (the AP).

If you will notice in my first post, I turned off DTP from the beginning.

On each port is:

switchport nonegotiate

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@ActionLogan Each of those guys had talked about some sort of SNMP issue, if you click on their name it will list all their posts and you can search through them. I personally don’t know, but I am sure @DustinS or @David or @DavidD would be more than happy to explain the messy details. We don’t use much SNMP, but these guys had pointed out issues so I was hoping that they could report back and let us know.

@Dustin2 Ya, I just was pointing towards people who had mentioned the various issues that Mimosa was fixing and or had not fixed. We are not a Cisco shop so I probably missed some stuff, I just remembered that you had talked about running a Cisco and B5 and had that management issue. Your post was the main reason we did not use a B5 for a particular client’s connection (Cisco fanatics, couldn’t get them to even think about a Mikrotik, their loss.) so I figured a mention to your issues was only fair. Especially because Mimosa seemed to referring to your issue.

Could you please PM me the exacts of your issue? I have a customer using the B5s for a link, but have Cisco switches (not sure on the model) so I want to know exactly what to expect if they load this FW. They really need the SNMP fixes and want the KRACK fix too.

This should be part of what is resolved in 1.5.0

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