Supported frequencies USA

What frequencies does Mimosa actually support in the 5GHz band in the USA?
U-Nii-2A?, U-Nii-2C?. What about the 6GHz band? What power in ptp and ptmp? USA specific question.

These are the supported frequencies, if they are available in the USA Mimosa can use them. Power is limited to what is permitted for all unlicensed radios.

Mimosa has support for all the available frequencies, if the FCC opens up the 6 GHz spectrum, Mimosa has a good chance at being a front runner in support for those frequencies as well, but right now it’s still licensed.

Boy that Wiki article is out of date! Mimosa supports U-NII-1, 2, and 3. Each product has its own approved power level. The PtMP power limit is +36 dB EIRP. PtP devices including directional clients can use more, though. I asked before about the B5c and it is allowed around +53 dBm EIRP on U-NII-3 and around +40 on U-NII-1. (Don’t recall the exact numbers.) U-NII-2 of course is always +30 dBm EIRP. And the Mimosa radios can use the 5580-5660 segment shared with TDWR. The ones with GPS phone home and are automatically updated to block the TDWR frequency in use in their area. So I can use the nice and quiet 5645 frequency in places where the TDWR is on 5510 and most radios can’t go.

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Thanks - that’s great. Much better than the Mikrotik stuff I’m testing:)