Target almost reached but still bad speeds

I have made three trips to each side for alignment. Is this as good as it gets?
We now have a AF24 setup as the primary link and this as the backup.


What type of antenna you used ?

Jirous 680 (2 foot dish) on both sides. It’s a 2 mile link.

can you share dashboard complete picture?

Back off your power until you reach about -45dBm.
You are saturating the receiver as is.
10dB less power will give you MUCH better result.

Let us know the result.


This is the power and frequency. So the first thing is it 2 x 40 would give a better result if you are licenced to do that. At this distance we normally get 800/800. We have links up to 8 km on Radio Waves 2’ dishes. We find the radiowaves to be excellent professional grade quality.

If you send me an email, I’ll send you a picture. But there is also even when it is running 800 x 800 it will only get about 600 MAC and it will IPERF test.

A regular signal tested speed-test will only use 1/4 of the Radio as it uses 1 MIMO. It will test 150 Mbps.

The AF24 HD if you have clear line of distance out performs 40 Mhz B11. Of course the B11 is licenced and is prone to less interference.

We have tested the real max range of AF24 HD at sea level in 80% humidity as 5 KM to get real good speed.

Lastly I would start the power at -60 and turn it up until you get 800 x 800 and then watch it in heavy rain and turn it up so it retains approx that DB. We have tuned all of ours and are not having rain fade even at 12 km. These are running at about 6dB more.


I tried lowering the power but that did not help. I believe I am going back to the site to change the radio and fine tune one more time. There doesn’t seem to be interference so it has to be the placement, alignment, dish or radio.
Looking at it today I see that one side is at a -51 and the other is -39. That’s not right.


Jonathan with Jirous here. I’ve deployed the 680 - when the signals are where they should be the modulation should go in tandem. That -51 is high for the distance - possibly a side lobe or an issue with the dish.

Definitely reach out to me if you feel there’s an issue with the dish - Glad to get you a replacement quick.

Email jonathan -at-

We have seen some cases where reducing the transmit power until the SNR is in the low 30s has improved the PHY rates.