Target RSSI Not Showing up in UI

Hi Team,

I have a B5c running in our test lab. I do not see the target RSSI showing up (Pls refer to the attached image).

  1. Can you pls help me understand why the target RSSI is not showing up?

  2. What does this target RSSI mean?


The missing signal target is because the products are in the same place (same coordinates), or have no GPS. The signal target is calculated based on Tx power, antenna gain, and GPS coordinates. The coordinates are used to calculate distance and resulting free space path loss.

The target is a calculation of what the received signal level should be, and is used primarily during antenna aiming. Here is a link that describes this further:

Thks for your prompt response chris that explanation helps. Will come back with more questions as we play more with the device.

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