TDMA and the GSM synchronization

TDMA doubts
I was informed of the TDMA and the GSM synchronization of the Mimosas. Understanding that you can use the same frequency for several B5, mounted back to back… But I have a doubt
I would like someone from the forum to solve it for me. For example, if we had assembled several
B5, in different places 400 meters away, it would be possible to use the TDMA and synchronism
to have the same frequency on each B5 link?

Thank you so much

So, instead of the back to back of Mimosa’s advertisements, you want to put your radios 400 meters apart?

Ya that should work. I have not tried to GPS Sync 2 B5 Links, but it seems to work similar to the A5 line and I have synced stuff up to 3 miles apart. 400 Meters should not be a problem.

Just make sure you follow Mimosa’s GPS guide.

Depending on how far you are shooting, you may be able to get away with having the links point in the same direction.

If you would like, post some more details about the links you want to do and we could let you know about any difficulties that may pop up…