Technical details in tabular form

Hi there !
I have recently joined mimosa community. I have deployed C5c with 30 dbi P2P link 6.7 Miles.
I have gone through the detailed updates regarding C5c. I just wanted that all the technical data sheet should be in a tabular form from where installer can check all the necessary input.
All the values like Channel width according to distance, SNR, Signal meter, TX power and the technical values to be set during installations. It should be like default values, min. value, max. value as per site requirements. It will be a great HELP for the installer.

So, like the ability to export from the Dashboard all the link characteristics? Or a spread sheet that someone can fill out?

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Thanks William for suggestion. I want it should be like any technical value in a recommended format. Let us take Signal Meter for example -45 to -55 (Best), -55 to -65 (Better), -65 to -75 (Good), -85 to -95 (Not Good alignment/Aiming required. All the mentioned figures are only for explanations only. Do not treat these figures as technically accurate.