Test cable network c5c

we got two data links using c5c both links using the bandwith test gives anwers of 100 mbps duplex.

using iperf3 one links works the same.

However in the other link the iperf says 60 mbps.

I am thinking that the problem could be the ethernet cable.

There is any way to test the ether cable between the radio c5c and a computer?

The way to accurately test it is to unplug it at both ends, put an adapter on one end and a meter on the other. You’ll want a meter that does more than just say whether or not each wire is connected and going to the correct pin. There are more expensive meters that will test for impedance, crosstalk, etc. They will also test the shielding on the cable, if it’s shielded cable. If you want to go even more expensive, there may be meters that will make the test with only 1 end disconnected, but I’m not sure.

Examples: Fluke CIQ-100, Fluke Versive

I’d doubt a bad Ethernet cable giving a 60 Mbps report, but you might check to see if there are errors on the link.

I would look at wireless connectivity issues first.