"Test" option availability for changes in the configuration

I would like to make suggestion a vital option for the next Firmware for MIMOSA devices to have a “TEST” option available when we make changes in the configuration. specially Network/Management settings. sometimes while collaborating IPs or Ethernet mode if the user makes a mistake or Ethernet mode(Fa,Gig) is not compatible with the end device we loose connectivity entirely.

There must be option similar to Ubiquiti devices where changes made are applied temporarily(120sec) if not saved it revert back to old settings automatically.


This is a good idea. It could be combined with a watchdog timer. I am always afraid to change remote Ethernet settings. Good thing Mimosa equipment is super stable and do not need to do this much!


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Any word on if this would happen in the future?
… for not only B5 but C5 devices would be nice.