The problem B5C after configuring VLAN

Dear Experts,
I am using B5C PTP and facing problem like this
Recently, I have set up more management vlan, below there is more Switch to split the port and currently blinking continuously after adding the management vlan

Here is someone who has faced similar problem and can give me advice on how to solve it?
Thanks so much.

Another problem is that after configuring VLAN I cannot login local via cable LAN.

Yea - you have to β€œtag” the interface that you are connecting from - so if a laptop - you have to be on that same VLAN.

If you have switches - then you need to tag the switch port so that it is the same VLAN as your management, so it can be passed throughout your network.

You may want to read up on VLANing and such. Dont have a lot of time - but here are some resources :
What is VLAN? How VLAN Works and Common Examples | N-able
What is VLAN Tagging? - Definition from Techopedia

Hope you get it working - let us know how it works out!


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