Tilting radios in PTP installations

I am installing a short link between two towers with C5x radios. Due to elevation i have to tilt both sides of the link.
What do you use to get an up and down tilt done on these radios?

We use these if the J-Pole can’t be tilted in the correct direction.


Make sure to tighten the bolt and use 2x hose clamps.

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Thanks for your comment William5
You use them on the tower?

That is rather odd to me but i will keep it in mind

Well, I don’t have any C5x radios going between towers. Normally I just pony up for a B5c or a B5x nowadays. (With an RF Elements horn)

If I had to mount a C5x… I would probably lean towards an RF Elements horn with the twist port connector, but you probably are on a tight budget… I don’t have anything off the top of my head that I would use, but there’s got to be some sort of adjustable tower standoff available somewhere. A quick google search found these at ISP Supplies, no promises on the standoffs, but ISP Supplies are good guys.

While probably not as good, but it can work, if you turn the mount 90°, you can then use the hose clamps for vertical adjustment and the mount’s adjustment for horizontal.

I realized I probably was kinda vague about my RF Elements reference:

Before I go too much into this, I am an RF Elements fanboy. Their antennas are really well made, their support is top notch and they have worked their way into being my favorite antenna manufacture. I use them whenever I have the option/budget to.

I love these antennas, noise cancelation is amazing and you end up turning down your TX power a lot because of how efficient they are. I love the mount and aligning them is a dream. Only two negatives, price and size. https://rfelements.com/products/ultrahorn/ultrahorn-directional-antennas/overview

I have use a lot of these and they are really good, keep in mind that their wind loading can get pretty heavy and you will need to mount them very securely. Where I am located the Optional Radome Cover isn’t optional, but I know a lot of guys who don’t need it. UltraDish™ TP Antennas » RF elements

Both of the above antennas support the C5x with this little adapter: TwistPort™ Adaptor for Mimosa C5x » RF elements

If you are really on a budget the Starter Dish line have gotten some good reviews (It also supports the C5x right out of the box): StarterDish™ UM Antennas » RF elements

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