To QOS or Not to QOS C5c P2p

That is the question…

Would you enable or disable QOS on a C5c P2P link backhaul?


Is your customer’s traffic properly marked? Can you trust your customers to properly mark their traffic and not abuse the system (Unless it’s a business customer then the answer is “no”)

Also, is the link maxing out? If it’s not, then you will see minimal benefits.

Personally I would recommend utilizing Dynamic QoS systems like Cake and fq_codel, both of which are not available in the C5c. Services like Preseem and Saise have hardware boxes that implement Cake and fq_codel, LibreQOS is a free application that you can run on hardware you already own, also Mikrotik’s Router OS version 7 implements fq_codel and Cake as queuing types that you can use.

If this is a backbone link with lots of traffic and you’re running VoIP I would enable to give the voice traffic priority. But as mention, you need to do the tagging yourself at the edge since some customers could setup QoS for all their traffic in hopes of getting better throughput at the penalty of your other honest users.

If you’re not concerned with different traffic patterns then there is little need to enable QoS and will save on some processing power.

And as mention, if you have your own edge devices between the link, you can handle QoS there instead of through the Mimosa.

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