Track radio link feature


Since 24GHz links are subject to dropping out in heavy rain, it would be great if we had a feature that would automatically bounce the ethernet port for us once the link capacity dropped below a given threshold.

This is a very useful feature found currently in the AF24 that allows us to smoothly transition to a backup 5GHz link without a hit while the 24GHz link is in the process of fading to nothing. I already use BFD to fail the 24GHz link out as quickly as possible, but you still have a short and painful period where your link is running at a much lower capacity and traffic is suddenly congested because you’ve got a couple hundred mbit trying to traverse a now 50mbit capable link. The greatly reduced capacity is unfortunately still enough to keep OSPF/BFD alive, so everybody has a bad time for a minute unless someone in the NOC sees rain coming and downs the OSPF neighbor manually to preemptively avoid the B24 link, knowing it’s about to go.

Hi @tog,

I asked for this feature before the B24 made it into Alpha testing, but unfortunately it didn’t make it. Let me push this request on to the product team again. Hopefully we can make this happen rather soon.