Traffic Shaping less throughput than set

Messing around with the traffic shaping settings today in preparation for use when I noticed that the actual throughput delivered to the CPE was far below what I had set in the AP.
Running 80Mhz TDMA

I set Downlink Max and Commit to 10 Mbps but multiple speed tests as well as Iperf showed the max download as being 3-5 Mbps instead of the 10. When I moved that CPE back to the default shaping plan I was instantly able to push 50Mbps “our BH capacity”

By messing around with the shaping I managed to get about 10 Mbps down, but I had to set the rule as Downlink Max 20 and Downlink Commit to 18.

The upload manages 10 Mbps just fine if I set the max to 12 and the commit to 10.

Any ideas on what mistake I might be making here?

Hi Kaleb,

I believe this is a known bug. Maybe reach out to support or have a search through the forum for confirmation.


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Thanks Rich, You would be correct in your assumptions.