Traffic Shaping Plan Help [2.0.2-fcs-1]

I am running firmware 2.0.2-fcs-1 on an A5 with 12 C5 clients.

Traffic Shaping is not functioning correctly for me. I am looking for possible work-arounds or updates about function. I have about 50x20 Mbps available to the A5.

In testing, I found:
Setting 10x3 resulted in service around 4x1

I needed the new firmware because of my longer distance links (ranging up to 4.2 km), so I cannot go to an older firmware at this time. Any suggestions?

Thank you, Chris

Hi Chris,

Traffic Shaping can be overridden by ACL, Application Prioritization and Traffic Optimization. Also, airtime must be controlled on both the AP (Downllink) and Client (Uplink). We would need to review your complete configuration offline to understand the issue.

We will be releasing 2.0.2 to production this week. The version you have now is about 6 builds behind the latest. I’ll send you the latest and follow up about your specific issue with beta firmware via PM.

The traffic problems I originally experienced have continued through all versions over the past year, and remain in version 2.3.0.

Is there a time-line expected for fixing traffic shaping?

Hi Christopher,

We acknowledge that the current traffic shaping design has some challenges dealing with changing traffic mix (e.g. ratio of UDP to TCP traffic), and improvements are currently planned for Q4 release.

The reason for the delay is that we prioritized a number of other key features ahead of this that most users told us were more important in the meantime such as SRS, AGC, DHCP Option 82, A5 SNMP and RADIUS.

In the short-term, the two workarounds are to pad the commit rates to account for traffic mix differences, or apply rate shaping by client MAC address on your upstream router.

Chris, what do you recommend as the best way to apply rate shaping by client MAC address? The C5 and A5 don’t reveal the bridge tables yet.

For now, you would need to know the downstream router’s MAC ID, or assign a unique VLAN to the router. Then, create a rule on the upstream router to rate limit based on one of those.

So, it is not reasonable to accomplish this task when allowing customers to use their own router.

Actually, is it possible to ssh into the C5 and output the MAC table?

I look forward to a more competitive feature set as the system improvements are implemented.

Hi Christopher,

We do have an existing feature request in queue for exposing the MAC table, but again, we will improve the traffic shaping.

SSH access is not provided on any Mimosa product except for Mimosa Support. We have outlined the reasons for this on the help site:


I have found the Option 82 feature to be helpful for finding client MAC addresses (as long as they are successfully pulling a DHCP address). This is my temporary solution to the temporary solution of rate limiting by MAC address.

It will be helpful when the full MAC table is revealed, because this will show MACs of devices that are statically configured or incorrectly configured.

Hi Christopher,

Yes, understood. This feature request has already been submitted.

As of 8/29/2017, firmware version 2.3.3 appears to have resolved the major traffic shaping problems.

Christopher, thanks for the positive report on Traffic Shaping under version 2.3.3

Hi there,

I need help or a hint with the traffic shaping plans…
Recently I have established a link between a A5 and a C5 client, and I have configured two traffic shaping plans …one with 50Mb DL/UL and one with 100Mb DL/UL. The both units works with the latest 2.3.3 firmware.
In both cases the traffic shaping plans don’t works, and at the client side I have always the same amount of bandwidth…30Mb DL/UL…even with the standard profile which is 1000Mb…
What have I missed? From what i’ve read on the posts…the problems with the traffic shaping plans…are over starting with the latest firmware.
Ok…then I’ve tried to see that the link gives me the 500/500 Mb aggregate bandwidth…but that was also unsuccessful…
Can anyone help me in that matter? i will apreciate any hint regard it…


Mark, I would check to see if you have any shaping configured on the C5 as well.

How are you running your speed tests?

Hi Christopher,

I have configured the traffic shaping plans on the A5 AP. On the client side the option doesn’t exist. I’m testing the link locally, and the A5 is connected in our network through a Gigabit Switch. Yesterday I tested with a A5c AP and I received better results, but also not the throughput that I expected.
Regarding the speed tests…I’m doing that with a laptop connected on the C5 client Ethernet adapter, I activate a PPoE connection and further on or the similar online tools.
The UL throughput is correct both in 50 or 100Mbps traffic shaping config, but the DL is not…and is also not stable…

In the C5 menu Wireless --> Link , there is a section called Rate Limit which only shows if you are using WiFi mode. Check to see if that is limiting your download.

To accurately test the A5-C5 link, run a test from one side to the other (using MikroTik or iperf or similar). Then, use to run a speed test from the switch your A5 is connected to first to get a baseline. Then try it from the customer side.

I’ve had an issue where my fiber provider transport configuration would cause my Ubiquiti and Mimosa links to perform very poorly (where they would test very well A5-C5 alone, but very poorly from the C5 to the Internet. I was able to show I could run speed tests inside my network all the way to the edge.

Hi Guys, what is the situation with the traffic shaping plan now?